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22. easily amused. bibliophile. video game addict since 18mon.
occupation: student and full time sarcastic bitch
current addictions: Orphan Black, Veronica Mars, Babylon 5, Farscape, , Warehouse 13, L4D, Borderlands, Elementary, GoT/ASOIaF, Doctor Who, Harry Potter,Supernatural, Hunger Games, Firefly, Friends, TLBD and god so many more I don't even know
Disclaimer: I'm rude & immature and prone to swearing and lewd comments you have been warned

*aggressively ignores u in favor of coffee*


Green Tea Ice Cream


oh my god i just discovered a site where you can by bulk candy by color/flavor

you can buy two pounds of exclusively pink starbursts

you can buy endless red skittles

i never thought i’d see heaven

Title: Friday Night


friday night // lily allen

there’s a lesson that i want you to learn
if you’re gonna play with fire then you’re gonna get burned

If you   r e a l l y  want something, you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it.


Based Sushio.


Tart Cherry Pie


"We’re going to the RIGHT! Not the left! Because justice is doing the RIGHT thing, so therefore we’re turning RIGHT!"

- Our Cleric, who has proclaimed herself to be Justice-sexual



i swear taylor swift dated more guys then i have followers on tumblr

I feel sorry your follower count is so low maybe it’s all the slut shaming :(

"You don’t crane-game the dwarf!"


-Our DM